"Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course...the space between your ears."

Bobby Jones


Helena Bailey, MA, MBA, CPPC, Cert Golf Psychology, TPI level 1, CrossFit level 2 coach

As a professional performance coach I have been helping people make changes to their lives, their behaviours and their mindset for many years.


Golf is one of my passions. I have loved learning to play.  I play every week, take regular lessons and, like all golfers, continue to ride the ups and downs that come with the most frustrating game in the world!   


When I started playing golf and then working with golfers I was amazed how little time most golfers spent their mental game. Paying attention to both areas can have significant impact on scores and enjoyment of the game, yet too often players focus solely on improving their swing, honing their short game and having the best equipment.


There is no point having all the gadgets if nerves decimate your scores, or you're sabotaging yourself with negative self talk by the 9th hole. Having a tool kit of mental skills to bring the four or so hours you spend playing a round of golf is an essential part of the game!  

I enjoy working with professional players and amateurs with great golfing ambitions to help them find their edge, but I also love helping beginners and amateurs improve their scores and enjoyment of the game by applying simple tools and techniques.

You have absolutely nothing to lose by getting in touch and having a chat about your game.


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